Growing pains

Well here we are 4 months from selling our first beer on July 1st (Canada Day). Leading up to that day was extremely hectic. Little did I know that the hectic days leading to opening day were going to seem like a vacation compared to these last four months!

Grimross Brewing is a small (5BBL) brewery run mostly by my wife and me. We both work full time time jobs and run Grimross on evenings and weekends. This means 7 day weeks and up to 18 hour days. Before opening, we wondered if 5BBL was too big to start… today we can’t keep up. We are brewing as much and as fast as we can. Our Belgian strains of yeast take between 3 and 4 weeks to finish our beer. Such goodness takes time.

Grimross customers have been fantastic and we appreciate your business and patience. We will continue to work hard to keep beer on the shelf at the Grimross fridge at Picaroons Brewtique. We are also now selling beer on tap at two bars in Fredericton and one in Moncton.

Out next challenge is to determine how we are going to increase production to keep up with demand. Stay tuned to follow our story as we grow.


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