Cheval D’Or My Old Friend

The first beer brewed at Grimross was a traditional Saison and we called it Cheval D’Or. Saison’s are rustic and refreshing and one of my favorite beers! Cheval D’Or is a traditional farmhouse ale. Traditional because I use a variety of grains (barley, wheat, rye and spelt), that a farmer in Wallonia might have done, brewing with whatever he might have had on hand. I love the refreshing, rustic, earthiness of this beer!

This is only batch number 13 for Grimross. These past 13 brews have given me an opportunity to get more dialed in with the brewhouse. Look for more Saison inspired beers to be coming out of Grimross for the next little while.

2 thoughts on “Cheval D’Or My Old Friend

  1. I really enjoy all your beers, but I just tried the Cheval d’Or for the first time tonight………wow!

    This beer is basically flawless. A perfect expression of balance, subtlety, restraint. Depth of flavor yet clean and bright on the palate. You should definitely enter this beer in whatever competition you can find (after you make arrangements for expanded brewing capacity).

    Please keep making it!

    Jim Dickie

  2. Thanks Jim – It’s one of my favorites too. We will certainly keep making it and we are building our new brewery as we speak!

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