A toast to Dawn… my wife, my partner, my friend.

I would like to publicly thank my wife Dawn for all that she has done for me. In particular, the last two years have been extraordinary. I had a dream and Dawn became a committed full time part of that dream with me. Not only did she support me in my dream, she became a part of that dream. Thank you.

These past two years have been (almost) seven days a week and very often 12, 16 and even 20 hour days. During this time, Dawn has either been beside me, building our dream together, or picking up my slack at home and with our families while I was preoccupied. Thank you.

Dawn, when things got difficult and I had to get up early on yet another weekend morning to go and work for another long day, what made it bearable was the knowledge that you were going to be there beside me. What is amazing is that you were there day after day, week after week, month after month for the last two years. I remember every early morning weekend, every evening through the week after your day job and between driving kids to and fro and again, keeping life somewhat normal at home. Thank you.

Throughout this time, our daughters Madison and Rhys have had to fend for themselves more often than they should have. I would like to also acknowledge their support and sacrifice. Thank you.

I can see Dawn now, all covered in dust as I dump crushed grain into the mash and she stirs the mash in a steaming dust cloud on an early Saturday morning. I can also see her closely inspecting bottles as she cleans them for me to fill after a tough day at work and before driving Rhys to Jujitsu, only to come back after driving Rhys to help me clean up to hopefully get home before midnight… yet again. Thank you.

Although in support of a dream, these past to years have not been easy. I am grateful that Dawn has been there with me, willing to sacrifice evenings, weekends, vacations, family and friends, not to mention an orderly home. Thank you.

Dawn… what I can tell you without hesitation, is that if we were able to get through the past two years, I know we can get through anything together. What I can also tell you is that I could not have not have done this without you. You have been there for me, I made the right choice, I am lucky, I am grateful, thank you, I love you.

Your husband, your partner, your friend,

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