About Us

Grimross is a small craft brewery located in Fredericton, New Brunswick run by myself, my wife and one part time employee. We opened and sold our first beer on July 1st, 2013.

Why start a brewery?
There are two reasons I decided to start Grimross Brewing, 1) It’s fun. I enjoy the creative process of designing and brewing new recipes and discovering new beers. I imagine it must be much the same for a chef who loves to explore and create new recipes. 2) I have always enjoyed introducing my friends and family to new and different beers, especially those who have been drinking yellow fizzy water for most of their lives. I believe there is a craft beer out there for everyone. So Grimross Brewing is all about the exploration to craft enjoyable beers and brewing is more fun when you share the results with others. As founder of Grimross Brewing I pledge to embark on a journey, with you, to craft new, interesting and tasty beers for all of us to enjoy.

Our mission is: To enjoy and explore the crafting of beers for the enjoyment of others.

Why Grimross?
Grimross Island is an island on the Saint John River, close to Grand Lake in New Brunswick. Growing up, I spent quite a bit of time boating with my family on Grand Lake and the Saint John river. One of our favourite places to meet up with other boating friends and have a beer or two was Grimross Island. The name conjures up happy memories for me and I like the name.

Our Beer
When asked what type of beer we craft at Grimross, I usually describe our beer as Belgian. But this is really a gross oversimplification of both our beer and what Belgian beer is. The array of unique and different beers within Belgium is probably as vast as the rest of the world combined. From the crisp clean Blondes, to the earthy and spicey Farmhouse Ales, to the Flemish Reds and Lambics and of course the Trappist and even the Wit Biers, there is no way to put a finger on what a “Belgian Beer” is. The reason I describe Grimross as Belgian is because we typically use yeast strains that originated from Belgian breweries. And because yeast is one of the primary contributors to the characteristics of a beer, this is why we say we brew Belgian style beers, but the reality is we brew Atlantic Canadian Style beers and we just happen to often use Belgian strains of yeast.

Our Journey
This is a journey and we hope you will come along for the ride. If I were to paint a picture of what the world looks like for Grimross in the future… here is one vision for Grimross:

Grimross is a successful and sustainable regional craft brewery recognized for the quality and uniqueness of its beers. We contribute positively to our local and regional economy and are considered a great place to work.

Stephen Dixon

10 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Sailing to Grimross was one of the highlights of my summer vacation growing up! I haven’t been there in years, but I’ll definitely have a Grimross beer the next time I’m back in NB. I don’t suppose you can get it in Saint John?

  2. You have a typo. About us? First paragraph, last line, I think you mean first and not fist. Sounds like a great place

  3. Hi, do you guys have a place where we can sit and try your beers? Or is it only a store? Im sorry, I don’t seem to find the information.

  4. Yes, if you come to our brewery on 600 Bishop Drive in Fredericton, you can purchase growlers at our Brewtique and glasses of beer in our Taproom.

  5. Hey guys! We own Hopyard in Charlottetown. Crazy busy, we carry a ton of regional draught. Ten toatating taps, loads of vinyl and great food. Busiest spot on town. Would do just about anything to get you involved. We can take care of all the details.

  6. Greetings from Kingston, Ontario! Loved stopping in at your brewery for a flight today. Keep up the great work.

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