Beer on tap today

Inspired by the irreverence of style of Belgian brewers Grimross seeks to craft Maritime Ales both approachable and unique, using local ingredients whenever possible.

Grimdonk – Belgian Blonde Ale

Détourné – Belgian Ale

Petit Grim – Belgian Small Ale

Cheval D’Or – Belgian Saison

Pugnacious Porter – Porter

Maritime Pale Ale – Pale Ale

Maritime Black IPA – Cascadian

Abbey Dubbel – Dubbel




14 thoughts on “Beer on tap today

  1. Stephen. Really love your product. I think you may be one of the top brewers in the Maritimes. Great job. I used to work for the CCNB in Grandfalls and we spoke on the phone when you were starting up. Glad to witness your success, and all the best as you expand.

  2. Spoke to you briefly at the Brewtique today and bought a bottle of Summer Serendipity on the way out. Drank it when I got home. Made me an instant Grimross fan. Hadn’t had a Belgian-style craft beer since I lived in the States. REALLY enjoyed it. Will be back.

  3. Just tried your Cheval D’Or for the first time after having three growlers filled earlier today. Absolutely *love* it! Could easily become my favorite summer beverage. Reminds me of Bavarian Biergarten brews. Very nicely done.

  4. Are any if your beers vegan? Do you supply nutritional information by any chance? Thank you!

  5. I just tried your Maritime Pale Ale and ‘loved it’ I can’t wait to get my hands on one of your IPA’s. Don’t tell the Picaroon’s guys but I may just have to convert. Loving our local beers, you all get my support 99% of the time 🙂

  6. Hi Peter – Please pardon the delayed response, we have been very busy making beer! Thanks for the note. We promise to continue focusing on making the highest quality flavorful beer possible. Cheers – Stephen

  7. Hi Kim – Yes our beers are vegan as we don’t use any finings or other animal products in any of our beers. We don’t currently have detailed nutritional analysis on our beers, however, our beers are fairly well attenuated (dry) and as a result low in residual sugars. Cheers – Stephen

  8. I bought a growler of your Maritime pale ale tonight and am enjoying it maybe a bit too much. The only thing i would change on this wonderful brew is toss in a few good measures of Cascade hops when no one was looking. I could drink this straight from the growler but my GF bought me some nice glasses to enjoy my craft beer samplings, so i must exercise my non redneck side while she is hovering near my man cave.
    We are a lucky bunch to have so many superb craft brewers in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI.
    Not only will i purchase Grimross products again, but i will try to keep informed of new info and products from you. I am a fan of hops especially Cascade and hope i can purchase small glass offerings( 6 or 12 packs) at the local NB Liquor instead of the occasional meetup with a growler on a whim. GF has gone to bed so I can slug this brew straight from growler. Only one problem…………grower almost empty. Fridge contains 8 Keiths and 2 Hopyard APA (Garrison) which is my most fav brew, but you guys could change that with some good measures of hops in the Maritime ale. You are running # 2 in my books. Thanks for a superb brew and i really feel sorry for the people who drink Buttwiper and Shlitz with all its chemical components.
    Girls across the road are knocking on the door and pointing to the hot tub. Do you guys deliver?

  9. We love your beer! We are enjoying one of our favorite: cheval d’or in can at the moment! One question, we wonder why there is no date on the can. We are fascinated by beer and like to drink the beer when at its prime! It is nice to know when the good beer was bottled!!! On this note, cheers! I will go enjoy more of cheval d’or!!!

  10. Never disappointing. I consider one of the best breweries around. My favorite fill up when in Fredrectiom. Your 750ml growlers are a great way to enjoy your tasty brews.

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